Hey, I’m Amelia Fink: illustrator and cartoonist! I live in Texas with my husband and Kirby, the cutest dog in the universe. I’ve drawn constantly since I was a kid. At school, the edges of my homework and the margins of my notes were filled with doodles of little characters having adventures. On family vacations, my brothers and I collaboratively wrote silly stories and I turned them into comics. Years later, I still love writing stories and drawing pictures. My favorite thing to draw is people, because people are all beautiful and no two look exactly alike. I especially enjoy designing fictional characters, and ensuring that their story & self are evident from first glance. In fact, that’s my favorite part of any illustration: imbuing a single moment in time with context and story. My least favorite thing to draw is cars, because that is actually impossible. I write and draw a webcomic about a little wizard’s adventures, called Quest-ish. I also have an Etsy shop called WhatAmyMakes where I sell original cross-stitch patterns and the occasional printable. I am available for new contracts and commissions. Contact me via email - heyameliafink at gmail - or through twitter @amalimali.